Sunday, November 25, 2007


A thought occurred to me yesterday. I was talking with a group of people and we were discussing our lives and anything new that had occurred. As we went around the table, friends and relatives began to talk about their jobs and the direction they saw in their future. To my surprise many who were talking said things like "school's not for me," or "I just want to get my electricians license so that I can get a promotion." While these were "acceptable" answers, something amazed me. Others at the table had similar answers. How can a group of young kids be so willing to settle for a mediocre lifestyle with a paycheck to paycheck mentality? How could these people be happy looking for a secure job that only paid the bills? What happened to their fire, their dreams, their aspirations? Somewhere along their life they decided that it was OK to settle!

I feel that the size of the questions you ask or get asked determine the size of your outcome. Instead of asking , "Did you graduate high school?" ask "What college are you going to?" Even better, instead of asking "What college are you going to?" ask "What's your college GPA?" or "When are you graduating?" Somewhere along their lives they stopped asking themselves big questions. Some stopped asking themselves big questions and others were never asked big questions when they were growing up.

The reason why some people are billionaires and others are not, is because they ask themselves different questions. Wealthy people ask, "When are you taking your company public?" or "What is your next business venture?" They train their brains to think differently.

In order to change our outcome. We need to change our questions.

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